From Green to Blue Economy

ZEST’s vision draws inspiration from the principles of Gunter Pauli, founder of ZERI (Zero Emission Research & Initiatives) and of the so-called Blue Economy theory.
The Blue Economy, unlike the Green Economy, “does not require companies to invest more in order to save the environment. Indeed, with less use of capital, it can create more revenue streams while at the same time building up social capital. Growing mushrooms on coffee ground substrates, using a battery-free mobile phone that uses body heat and vibrations from the human voice, even mimicking the water collection systems of beetles to reduce global warming or replacing metal blades in disposable razors with silk threads… Science fiction? No, reality. In nature, unemployment does not exist, nor does waste. Everything and everybody plays a role and the waste of one element becomes raw material for another, in a “cascade” model where nothing is wasted.”

(translation of an extract taken from the preface of the Italian version of the book Blue Economy by G. Pauli, ed. Ambiente, Milan, 2010)