Our Services

We develop and champion projects and strategies to help businesses accelerate and benefit from society’s shift to sustainability.

Our areas of activity include:

Building energy analysis services: technical analysis of the current state of a building and identification of possible actions to improve its energy efficiency; preparation of energy certification in accordance with regional/national regulations; design of solutions to increase energy saving;


Micro-renovations aimed at the overall improvement of a building at affordable costs in order to significantly increase opportunities to lease or sell;


Technical consultancy for building redevelopment: based on sustainability and eco-compatibility principles, including feasibility studies; development and coordination of projects relating to:

  • thermal cladding
  • ventilated walls
  • high-performance materials
  • biomass, geothermal or district heating systems
  • air-conditioned ventilation, infrared emission and radiating systems
  • solar thermal systems
  • solar photovoltaic systems
  • wind power
  • rainwater collection
  • sewage and grey water purification and re-use
  • roof gardens
  • vertical green walling systems

Consultancy services for Managing Agents and private individuals on energy saving and the environmental impacts of their properties, with particular focus on new available technologies and innovative materials, technical aspects, legislation on redevelopment works and spending incentives;


Consultancy services relating to self-sustainability and the short supply chain, in particular: consultancy for the creation, development and maintenance of allotments, both private and communal; development of plans for recycling food and biomass to create compost (reduction of waste for disposal, creation of a free natural fertilizer, ‘grow your own’ vegetables, development of activities for residents = better quality of life, development of social activities, reduction in expenditure);

Analysis of noise and air pollution


Microclimate analysis and development of actions to mitigate the urban heat island effect: improving the microclimate in the urban environment by increasing areas that disperse heat from solar radiation, increasing the possibility of rainfall and acting to reduce air pollutants;


Cradle to cradle: creation of integrated projects relating to energy, water and social responsibility, inspired by the following principles:

  • Eliminate the concept of waste; introduce the equation ‘waste = food’
  • Design products and materials with life cycles that are safe for human health and the environment and that can be reused perpetually through biological and technical metabolisms
  • Maximise the use of renewable energy
  • Respect human and natural systems. “Celebrate diversity.” Manage water use to maximise quality, promote healthy ecosystems and minimise local impacts

Training and organisation of courses, seminars and workshops Marketing and communication consultancy services related to environmental sustainability and the protection and promotion of landscapes, natural heritage and local products.