ZEST adheres to the Charter for Sustainability by Confindustria

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ZEST adheres to the Charter for Sustainability by Confindustria

On 26 March 2012, ZEST adhered to the Charter for Sustainability, a manifesto by Confindustria to promote the shared values ​​and actions needed for a gradual progress toward greater environmental sustainability, outlining realistic and achievable goals for Italian companies. ZEST, actively involved in the project, is committed to:

10 “Principles”  for 10 “Commitments”

1. “Achievement of environmental sustainability objectives in the short, mid- and long-term”
Consider environmental protection as part of the corporate business and process of production.

2. “Adoption of a precautionary approach”
Assessing the environmental impact of the company’s activities, its products and services and promote the use of the most efficient available technologies.

3. “Efficient use of natural resources”
Promote the efficient use of natural resources, with particular attention to the rational management of water resources and energy.

4. “Control and Reduction of environmental impacts”
Monitor and reduce emissions to air, water and soil; pursue the minimisation of waste production and its efficient management focusing on re-use, limit the impacts of the company’s activities on climate change, promote the protection of biodiversity.

5. “The central importance of innovative technologies”
Investing in research, development and innovation, to develop processes, products and services to limit environmental impact.

6. “Responsible product management”
Promote responsible management of the product or service throughout the entire life cycle, in
order to improve performance and reduce environmental impacts.

7. “Responsible management of the supply chain”
Promoting the preservation of the environment in the management of the supply chain, involving suppliers, customers and stakeholders as actors of the company’s sustainability policy.

8. “Awareness and Training”
Promote initiatives of information, awareness and training in order to involve stakeholders in the company’s environmental policy.

9. “Transparency in relations with stakeholders”
Fostering relationships with stakeholders, based on transparency in order to pursue shared environmental policies.

10. “Consistency with international activities”
Operate consistently with the principles agreed in this paper in all countries where the company operates.

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